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    Bahumia Sigil Zip-Up Hoodie


    Shoutout to the 2 Crew! This lightweight zip-up hoodie will comfort you the next time you roll a dang two at some critical moment in your campaign. You can rest assured that, while your character is no doubt suffering some terrible fate at the hands of your DM, at least you look dope as hell in real life.



    Product measurements may vary by up to 2"/5 cm.

    Size Length Width
    XS24.875" / 63.2 cm14.75" / 37.5 cm
    S25.75" / 65.4 cm16.25" / 41.3 cm
    M26.875" / 68.3 cm18.25" / 46.4 cm
    L28" / 71 cm20.25" / 51.4 cm
    XL29.125" / 74 cm22.25" / 56.5 cm
    2XL30.25" / 76.8 cm24.25" / 61.6 cm