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    Not Another D&D Podcast

    About the Show

    Started in 2018, Not Another D&D Podcast is an actual-play D&D podcast hosted by Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz and Caldwell Tanner.

    Since then, the team has created a variety of actual-play campaigns, as well as numerous other series such as Dungeon Court and 8-Bit Book Club. They also occasionally hit the road and play D&D live on stage .

    If you would like to get in touch with the show, you can send us a message , reach out about live show booking , or book an ad read.

    About the Crew

    Brian Murphy

    Brian 'Murph' Murphy is a comedy writer and performer known for Hot Date (now available on Netflix!), Adam Ruins Everything, and CollegeHumor. He co-wrote the book Hey U Up? and edits NaddPod, but don't @ him if the episode is out late. He knows!

    Emily Axford

    Emily Axford is a comedy writer and actor known for Hot Date, Adam Ruins Everything and Dimension 20. She is also NaddPod's primary composer and creates all of the music featured on the show.

    Jake Hurwitz

    Jake Hurwitz is the co-founder of HeadGum, co-creator of the 'Jake and Amir' webseries, and only 6 inches shorter than Hardwon.

    Caldwell Tanner

    Caldwell Tanner is an artist and writer currently working on Disney's Big City Greens. He has also written for TeenTitans Go!, is the co-founder of The Drawfee Channel and can be seen on his Dropout show, Cartoon Hell. Every day he is haunted by the reality that he will never be as good a boy as Beverly.